HID’s extensive line of durable and versatile non-technology cards

  • UltraCard®


    HID's non-technology UltraCard® provides you with medium-durability photo ID cards and loyalty cards for a glossy, photo quality finish. Manufactured to ensure clean, scratch-free cards for high-quality prints and extended print head life.

  • UltraCard® PC


    UltraCard® PC is the ideal card for use with reverse transfer, laser engraving printers. Made of a 100% polycarbonate construction, UltraCard PC cards are fully compatible with laser engraving, which can be used to add a secure, counterfeit resistant and tamper-evident layer of security to your card personalization. UltraCard PC cards are highly durable and offer a longer expected card life than other common card types like PVC or PVC/PET composite.

  • 081759


    UltraCard 30 mil cards

  • UltraCard Eco™


    Introducing the new environmentally-friendly UltraCard Eco™ –non-technology cards made with BIOPVC™ to allow for faster biodegradation. While typical PVC cards take 20-25 years to decompose in landfill conditions, UltraCard Eco™ cards are gone in 5-7 years!!

    UltraCard Eco™ still provides maximum card life with excellent glossy print quality and high flex/temp durability. Ideal for abrasive, high-wear applications, UltraCard Eco™ cards are safer for the environment.

  • UltraCard® Premium


    UltraCard® Premium is the preferred card for High Definition Printing (HDP®) applications. The affordable and extremely durable UltraCard Premium is the non-technology card of choice for the Fargo HDP5000 and other Direct-to-Card (DTC®) applications that require a higher quality card.

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