How much are your holoview ID cards?
We start at a standard price of $15.00 per card
What if I want to go with a custom design or an old ID card my department already uses?
All designs that do not fit our standard or generic layouts will cost an additional one time fee of $150.00. This will include your designs and all future templates and changes you may require.
Can I order several orders in a group at the same time?
Our software does not allow you to order ID cards as a group. All of your orders on the same day will ship together after processing and will be charged on the same invoice.
Can I do full color on both sides of my ID?
Yes, we do provide full color on both sides of our ID cards. However, this does increase the price per card by $4.00 making the total $19.00 per ID card.
How long does it usually take to receive my ID cards in the mail?
Orders take around 24 hours to process. Once an order has completed, ID cards take an average of 2-3 business days to ship to the provided address. Orders may be expedited on request.
How many templates may I have on my account.
As many as your department may require.
How long does it take to receive proofs on my Templates?
We ask that our clients give our graphics department a day or two to design, make changes, or adjust their templates. Custom template designs may take additional days to set up.
How much does the PASP ID Issuing System cost?
Our PASP ID Issuing System software is free.
How do I pay for my ID cards?
Once you are set up and order ID cards, an invoice will be sent with your orders and you may pay upon receiving your ID cards. Other forms of payment may be set up beforehand. Please contact our office at (912) 537-0780 for details.