Photo ID Cards

View Standard Designs

Your department name, your state seal, your employees photograph, name and title with basic vital statistics on the back. This card is available with no setup fee.

View Custom Designs

With over 5000+ Agencies and counting, PASP ID is the most trusted ID Card Provider.

Let our graphic designers work with you to create your own personalized card design. The designer cycles different designs via e-mail until you are satisfied with the layout. We will then send you a printed sample of the design for your final approval. Once we receive your final approval we send you the template design so you can begin ordering cards. This service is available for a $150 setup fee.

Holoview® Technology

Our Holoview card is one of the most secure I.D. card platforms in the world today. It has numerous overt and covert embedded security features. Embedded holograms, demetalized imaging, nano text, black light core stock, and other security features make our card highly resistant to counterfeiting.

Let us print your cards for you.

Our web-based ordering system is as secure as our Holoview® card itself.
We give your agency a complete I.D. software program free of charge. You can download it by clicking on this link.

With our software you will be able to:

  • Maintain your ID card records using password-protected database.
  • Place orders with a click of a mouse.
  • The software then securely transmits ID cards to our server.
  • Once the data is received, your cards will be shipped within two business days.
  • The cards cost $15.00 each plus shipping and handling and there is no minimum number of cards in order. Whether you order one card or one-hundred cards, your cost is only $15.