Secure Police ID Cards

2 Reasons You Need Secure Police ID Cards

Jun 4, 2021 | Blog

With the current climate of our nation, it is more important now than ever for all law enforcement and municipal employees to have secure ID cards for ease of verification while performing essential duties. Secure police ID cards are a front line defense against officer impersonation and instill confidence in citizens. It is important for ALL law enforcement, even the smallest municipal agencies, to be quickly and easily identified as first responders with standardized, recognizable identification that does not require any special equipment for verification.

1. Secure Police ID Cards Instill Confidence In Citizens

Distrust of law enforcement is at an all time high. Educating citizens to respectfully question the identification of an officer in question goes a long way to foster a relationship of mutual respect and trust. PASP HOLOVIEW®  secure Police ID cards can be visually validated without any additional equipment because the picture itself is embedded into a hologram. Because PASP ID only sells HOLOVIEW® ID cards to authorized government agencies, citizens can have confidence in the validity of the identification being presented. PASP ID has millions of ID cards in circulation and has never had one counterfeited.

2. Secure Police ID Cards Provide for Easy Identification During Multi Jurisdiction Events

In the event of natural disasters and other times of crisis, the swift identification of first responders by citizens and other first responders is crucial. Time is of the essence and there is generally no infrastructure in place to validate the identification. Overt security features that are highly resistant to counterfeiting, but easy to identify by other jurisdictional agencies and civilians alike is one of the hallmark features of PASP ID’s patented HOLOVIEW® technology.

Does this make you wonder if your department has secure ID cards? Is your only “security” a holographic laminate over the top of your card?

A common misconception is that if you have a holographic laminate over your card then it is secure. However, most ID cards can be easily counterfeited or duplicated with materials that are readily available on the internet.

The PASP ID patented HOLOVIEW® card has numerous overt and covert security features and is only sold to Government agencies. We patented the technology and all cards are manufactured from start to finish in the United States. We have tens of millions of cards in the marketplace and have never had a single card counterfeited.

A quick reminder of what makes PASP ID the best Secure Police ID Cards solution:

  • Patented HOLOVIEW® Secure Stock (sole source document available)
  • FREE ID Card Software
  • $15 per Card (plus S&H)
  • No Minimum Order
  • 24 Hour Turnaround Time from order to ship




If you have your own ID card printer, we offer our patented HOLOVIEW® blank cards to qualified government entities who would like to upgrade the security of their existing ID cards. We also sell HID printers, software, and supplies for secure police ID cards here.